Grinding Ear Corn with a 502 Series Claas®


Let’s talk about grinding ear corn – more specifically grinding with a 502 Series Claas®. The upper feed rolls are controlled by hydraulic cylinders to monitor the crop flow. When doing ear corn the cylinders are too tight even on the lowest setting.

The cylinder pulls the ear corn down and doesn’t allow it to reach the cutter drum. Our remedy for this was to give the upper rear feed roll a new bottom stop. This goes right on the cylinder making it stay open to allow room for the ear corn. This is a must when grinding ear corn.

First, you are going to need to loosen the springs on the cutter. You will need to completely remove the left-side spring to get access to the rear hydraulic cylinder. The right-side spring will just need to be undone so it can be raised up without the springs in the way.

Once this is finished you will need to go into the cab and raise up the feed rolls, so boards can be pushed in. This relieves pressure on the cylinders so the stops can be added to them.

Once in the cab, turn on the machine and find Service, then go to Maintenance Settings. You will want to decompressurize the compression. This will raise the feed rolls up.

When the feed rolls are opened, you will want to slide boards in so when the chopper is shut off the feed rolls can rest on them keeping everyone safe.

Now that the springs are removed, and the feed rolls are raised up with blocks in place, we can install the upper rear feed roll clamps (K502STOP) to the cylinder.

The clamps will interfere with the cover so, to prevent this, make a mark on the cover where the clamp will be and grind out that little piece on the cover. Once this is finished, you can install the clamps.

The clamps are split so nothing else on the machine will need to be taken apart. Simply place them around the cylinder and then add the seal to keep it in place. You can then reinsert the cover on the right side.

Move to the left side and add the clamp there also. This space is a little tighter, but it will still work. Again, place the clamp around the cylinder and add the seal, tightening the bolts to keep it in place.

There isn’t a need for it yet, but it could be possible that you need to add the clamps to the upper front feed rolls also. The clamps will fit here as well and will be installed by the same process.

Now that the clamps are installed, we can set the chopper up for chopping. Go back to the cab, find the Service tab go to Maintenance Settings. To open them up hit decompressurize the compression once they are open remove the boards.

Then to decompress the feed rolls, you will need to turn the cutter on. Doing this will bring the feed rolls down to their normal position so you can re-install the springs. Turn the cutterhead off and turn off the machine.

Lastly, re-install the springs and you are ready to grind ear corn.

For more help watch our step-by-step tutorial with Nolan or call us at (800) 522-8874 to speak with our knowledgeable staff!