Grinding Ear corn with a 494-498 Series Claas®


Having a hard time grinding ear corn on your 494-498 series Claas® machines? At Kooima® Ag we heard you and designed a new part to help you out!

The K498STOP is a new part that will raise your upper feed rolls, allowing more room to feed. Nolan does a great job of explaining why you should and how to install this new stop!

In the past, there was a struggle with the 497 and 498 Series Claas® forage harvesters taking in ear corn. We designed a new bottom for the upper rear feed roll.

The feed rolls are starting to wear since they are 2-3 years old. They are also controlled by a hydraulic cylinder. To help this, lift the upper rear feed roll so it doesn’t come down as far when you exit the rows, and you don’t have to open it when you grind ear corn.

These machines do a great job of taking in silage, hay, and rye, but ear corn is hard to grab. If you try and grab it and it gets pinched in the back it will start to shell. It won’t feed the ear corn into the cutter drum.

By using the new bracket, we designed, it will raise it ½ - ¾ of an inch allowing more room to feed.

**TIP: Using a forklift to raise the feed rolls gives extra room to work!

Once you have the forklift in place, you will see that the cylinder is already be extended. We are just going to change the bottom of the cylinder to raise it up.

This is done with a simple bracket making the cylinder higher than before. This will adjust the hydraulic cylinder which controls the feed rolls.

A 494 series chopper will not need the bottom bracket since there weren’t as many issues with feeding, but we do still recommend the new top bracket just to give you some extra space.

Then, remove the bracket. If you push the pulley out of the way, there will be room for you to get in a socket to remove the nut from the backside. Once the nut is removed, you can replace the bracket.

Be sure to keep the old bracket in your toolbox to switch back to for silage, rye, or hay. Place the new bracket in the same position as the old and bolt it into place. Be sure that everything is tight.

The new bracket will rest in the same area and the throat of the machine will be raised up so it can feed ear corn much better.

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