10 Blade RH Chopping Roll

Kooima Ag #K141570

Weight: 21.30 lbs
Replaces OEM#: HXE141570

These are used on John Deere® 600,700 & "C" series corn heads. These rolls are an option for finer cutting of corn stalks resulting in faster residue breakdown. These rolls have 10 intermeshing blades for aggressive grabbing and cutting action.

Install using factory settings. Visually inspect for wear and replace as needed.

Kooima Ag has been producing replacement agricultural products for over 30 years. During those years Kooima Ag has developed a proven track record of providing a dependable and durable product all while saving our customers money.

606 Corn Head (S.N. 745101- ) - PC10723
608 Corn Head (S.N. 745101- ) - PC10944
612 Corn Head (S.N. 745101- ) - PC10945
612FC Folding Corn Head - PC12922
616 Corn Head - PC10946
618 Corn Head - PC10947
706C Corn Head - PC13361
708C Corn Head - PC13362
708FC Corn Head - PC13365
712C Corn Head - PC13363
712FC Corn Head - PC13370
716C Corn Head - PC13364
718C Corn Head - PC13371
C12F Folding Corn Head - PC13730
C12R Rigid Corn Head - PC13726
C16F Folding Corn Head - PC13731
C16R Rigid Corn Head - PC13727
C18F Folding Corn Head - PC13732
C18R Rigid Corn Head - PC13728
C6R Rigid Corn Head - PC13724
C8F Folding Corn Head - PC13729
C8R Rigid Corn Head - PC13725

Compatible models:
  • John Deere® C6R
  • John Deere® C8F
  • John Deere® C8R
  • John Deere® C12F
  • John Deere® C12R
  • John Deere® C16F
  • John Deere® C16R
  • John Deere® C18R
  • John Deere® C18F
  • John Deere® 606
  • John Deere® 606C
  • John Deere® 608
  • John Deere® 608C
  • John Deere® 612
  • John Deere® 612C
  • John Deere® 612FC
  • John Deere® 616
  • John Deere® 616C
  • John Deere® 618
  • John Deere® 618C
  • John Deere® 706C
  • John Deere® 708C
  • John Deere® 708FC
  • John Deere® 712C
  • John Deere® 712FC
  • John Deere® 716C
  • John Deere® 718C


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