Adapter to fit John Deere® (8000 & 9000 series)

Kooima Ag #K8000

Weight: 1,300.00 lbs
  • Universal grinding earlage adapter to fit all 8100-8800 and 9000 series harvesters
  • Our proven flap wheel and feeding angle enables faster product feeding when harvesting hemp and earlage
  • A proven adapter design, this unit will work with narrow and wide throat harvesters.
  • Standard dual drive powers a variety of corn heads including John Deere®, New Holland®, Case IH®, Drago™ and many more!
  • Only takes 10 minutes to remove the auto PTO connect
    • We remove the auto PTO to get a better corn head angle
  • Patent # 8,376,126

*Replace your gearbox oil every season. 4 quarts of 75W-90PS needed. With the gearbox sitting level, take the plug out of the back of the gearbox and pour oil through the top hole to fill it until the oil is up to the level of the back hole.

  • Customer Testimonial
    • "We love our Kooima earlage adapter we purchased this year to fit our 8600's chopper's 8 row shredding head. The outcome was far better than the adapter we demoed last year, and more importantly the customers were more satisfied!" - United Ag Enterprises, LLC - Wisconsin
Compatible models:
  • John Deere® 8100
  • John Deere® 8200
  • John Deere® 8300
  • John Deere® 8400
  • John Deere® 8500
  • John Deere® 8600 Narrow
  • John Deere® 8600 Wide
  • John Deere® 8700
  • John Deere® 8800
  • John Deere® 9600
  • John Deere® 9700
  • John Deere® 9800
  • John Deere® 9900

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