For over 30 years Kooima Ag® has been manufacturing replacement forage harvester parts, combine parts, mixer wagon knives, header adapters and more! We are an independent manufacturer of replacement parts for a variety of companies such as John Deere®, Claas®, New Holland® and Krone®, because of this we are able to produce quality parts at competitive prices. Try the Kooima Ag® Direct Advantage today! You will eliminate the middleman by communicating with a one source dealer, distributor and manufacturer so we understand your questions and needs.

Company History: Kooima Ag® began as a division of Kooima Company. Kooima Company began in 1988, in a rented 1200 sq. ft. building as a stamping job shop, owned by John and Phil Kooima, a father/son partnership. It had one milling machine and two employees. Kooima Company grew into the Midwest's best fully-integrated job shop, employing 165 people in 2019. The Kooima Ag® division grew with them, serving our customers with high-quality replacement parts at a great value. Kooima Ag® emerged as a leading Ag knife-maker, providing quality knives for mixer wagons, forage harvesters, and other applications.

Along the way, Kooima Ag® has brought several industry-first innovations to market, incorporating our trademark Koyma Klad® hardfacing technology into new parts that last longer and wear better. Our engineers worked with farmers across the country and the world to develop unique solutions to the problems they were facing, such as grinding earlage and compost turners. Our technicians use the latest machines and technology to create great products for the Ag industry. Our in-house metallurgist ensures that our knives and parts are the best quality possible.

In 2019, the job-shop division of Kooima Company was acquired by State Steel and SPS. As a result, the Kooima Ag® division is now an independent company, still under the ownership of Phil and Kristi Kooima. This allows Kooima Ag® all the same strengths as previously, plus the flexibility to operate independently as our own company. We are very excited for this new chapter in our history, and look forward to continuing our legacy of quality replacement parts at competitive prices.

We are experts in the fields of:

  • Agricultural knife-making
  • Laser welding
  • Metal deposition (carbide, stainless steel, nickel, and others)
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