When you are grinding ear corn, it can be a challenge to keep the feed rolls open wide enough to feed properly. On Claas® 497, 498, 499 & 502 series machines, the upper feed rolls are controlled by hydraulic cylinders to monitor the crop flow. When doing ear corn the cylinders are too tight even on the lowest setting. The cylinder pulls the ear corn down and does not allow it to reach the cutter drum. Our remedy for this was to give the upper rear feed roll a new bottom stop. This goes right on the cylinder making it stay open to allow room for the ear corn. This is a must when grinding ear corn.

K502STOP Product Page

For Claas® 502 series, Claas® 499 series, & Claas® 498 series with dual cylinder compression roll on upper rear feed roll

For Claas® 498 series with one rear feed roll cylinder & Claas® 497 series