Laser Cladding

The CNC control lets you coat surfaces that weren't otherwise possible to coat. Otherwise known as "Laser Metal Deposition (LMD)." This is our Koyma Klad® process.

Laser metal deposition is a process using a laser that we can deposit tungsten carbide onto wear surfaces. Laser metal deposition (LMD) gives us a very finite control. We can do highly detailed surfaces. An example of LMD is a stationary cutting instrument that has been CNC lasered and we will now applying a high carbide tungsten coat using our high tech LMD lasers. This is done to extend the wear life of the instrument, we complete this process here at Kooima® Ag.

Another form of LMD is direct metal deposition (DMD) process using a CO2 laser. These parts go through the same process of laser cutting, milling and then coating. The coating is, again, a high tungsten carbide that is applied to the cutting edge to extend the wear life. The advantage that Kooima® Ag gives is we can do broad areas and deposit a very high efficiency tungsten carbide that extends the life 2-3 times as long. We offer a technically superior process. Laser Metal Deposition is very efficient. It is environmentally friendly because we are using greater percentages of the product and this will adhere directly to the part. To finish off this part, we will grind the cutting edge with our high precision CNC robotic controlled grinder.

The final example is a ground engaging ag tool. This is another fine example of the DMD application. Traditionally, the old way would have been to weld some large carbides on the edge to extend the wear. What we have done instead is apply a nice, wide band of high carbide material to extend the wear life. We can control the wear pattern on an application like this. We have been doing this for several years now. Our real world experience extend the wear life of this product by 300%.

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  • Multiple cladding lasers to suit a variety of applications
  • Clad Carbide, Stainless Steel, Nickel and Many Other Materials
  • .01-.100″ Thick and .16-.80" Wide in a Single Pass
  • Extended life with Koyma Klad® Coating
  • Applications include oilfield, tooling, boring bits, agriculture knives, and mining
  • Wear resistant
  • Impact tolerant

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Laser Cladding Part 2 500x315