Testing the Single Roll vs Dual Roll Earlage Adapter

We did a test on our Claas® K00494 Single Roll Adapter vs our Claas® K00498 Dual Roll Adapter. Our single roll adapter did a nice 4.2 mph in the field, with our dual roll we could get up to 6 mph in the same field/conditions. Our K00494 Single Roll adapter is ideal to use in 600 or less horsepower machines for a midsize operation. Our K00498 Dual Roll Adapter is made for higher horsepower machines and does a much better job in dry conditions. If you grind a large volume of earlage a year we recommend the dual roll adapter. Contact Kooima Ag for all your earlage grinding questions, we are the experts on header adapters!

K00494 Single Roll Adapter (Patent 8,376,126) Product Page

K00498 Dual Roll Adapter (Patent 8,376,126 & 10,743,467) Product Page

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