Adapter to fit Claas® (493, 494, 496, 497, 498, 499 & 502)

Kooima Ag #K00494

Weight: 967.00 lbs

The K00494 adapter will fit all Claas® SPFH with the quick attach hookups. This adapter is made to attach to all John Deere® and Lexion® corn heads. The adapter will also fit Harvestec™ and Cressoni™ heads. This is used to adapt a conventional combine corn head to a self-propelled forage harvester to make earlage.

Installation is easily completed by mounting the adapter onto the face plate of the harvester. Once hooked to the harvester, it will pick up the corn head like any other harvesting unit. Inspect the unit for wear and replace as needed. Ideal use for the K00494 Single Roll Adapter is 600 or less horsepower machines for midsized operations.

The K00494 adapter features a large intake roll that sits directly in front of the harvester feed rolls. The adapter roller transitions the material from the corn head, across the auger, and to the feed rolls. This allows for better harvesting ground speed and helps with shelling issues.

Kooima Ag is the leading source for earlage adapters. We continually test and implement customer suggestions in our designs.

  • Patent # 8,376,126
No belts! Reverse drive from your cab!

*Replace your gearbox oil every season. 4 quarts of 75W-90PS needed. With the gearbox sitting level, take the plug out of the back of the gearbox and pour oil through the top hole to fill it until the oil is up to the level of the back hole.

Compatible models:
  • Claas® 493
  • Claas® 494
  • Claas® 496
  • Claas® 497
  • Claas® 498
  • Claas® 499
  • Claas® 502


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Rob F

502 Claas

The adapter for the Claas 502 worked like a champ once Mother Nature let us on the fields. We used our own pto shaft and moved the support bearing closer to the corn head allowing us to run a shallower angle off the gear box side.

The build quality was excellent. Everything lined up as it should. I would not hesitate to recommend your adapter and the customer service to anyone.

The only two things I would change is when we went to hook the adapter to the machine the feeder housing would not go low enough to allow the engagement tabs to hook in. That could be a problem on our end. I just used a tanker bar and gave it a little help. The other note would be please send paper directions. Being a older farmer,U tube is not the most user friendly platform for us.

Thank you again for the great customer service and quality product.

Response from Kooima Ag

Rob - thank you for the nice review and suggestions, these are things we will definitely be working on in the future!

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