Laser Welding

Many parts can be welded from one side - even right through the part into the other side!

Laser welding is a very fast and efficient way to accomplish high detail welds. We have been seeing applications for stainless steel and carbon steel welding. This is a growing part of our business here at Kooima® Ag.

An example of one of the products we have made is a fertilizer tube. The fertilizer tube has 4 welded components. With our lasers, we can weld this at 1/4th the time it would take to do it manually or with a wire welder. Basically, we weld all of the stainless steel components together. Fit up is very important. We spend a lot of time ensuring that the fit up of the parts is proper.

This comes from our experience. We have over 30 years of experience in flat laser and laser tube cutting. Kooima® Ag brings a high degree of expertise to you. Our team of engineers can help you with any of these applications.

Contact us today with any weldments that you think may be candidates and we will evaluate them with you! Email us at or call us at 800-522-8874.


  • Materials – Mild, Alloy, and Stainless Steel
  • Lap Welding up to .25 Depth
  • Butt Welding up to .25-.375 Depth
  • Experience - The Kooima Ag team brings a broad range of laser welding expertise

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