Crop Divider Assembly

Kooima Ag #K450PAKIT

Weight: 180.00 lbs
  • Kemper™ style crop divider to fit Claas® RU 450 or New Holland® RI 450 6-row corn heads
  • The RU and RI heads are great, but have a tendency to double cut the stalk, leaving a trail of 6-8 inch long chunks lying in the field. This new Crop Divider holds the stalk up and in tighter to the drum for a single clean cut with no waste.
  • Uses 2 RH, 1 LH assemblies
  • Kit uses existing mounting holes and no additional hardware is required
Compatible models:
  • Claas® RU 450
  • Claas® RU 450 XTRA
  • New Holland® RI 450
  • New Holland® RI 450 XTRA


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