High Performance Mixer Knife - Serrated Inserts

Kooima Ag #K385026

Weight: 6.00 lbs

The K385026 mixer wagon knife fits Supreme™, MaxiMixer™, Laird™, and Strautmann™ vertical mixer wagons. This knife is used for cutting and mixing livestock rations.

The K385026 mixer knife uses a solid carbide insert edge providing 2-3 times the cutting life of the blade over a standard tungsten-coated steel edge. Additionally, this knife has a more aggressive serrated cutting tooth for better performance even in tough-to-cut material. It features a counter-sunk 3/8" hole. Mounting hardware is available for the different models. MaxiMixer™ uses KMM58 (grade 8 bolts), Supreme™ uses K385024BK (grade 8 bolts), Laird™ uses K385024BK (grade 8 bolts) or if the machine is 2016 or newer uses KCSBK, and Strautmann™ uses K385015BK. Backing plate K385007BP is also available.

These are installed using factory settings; no special tools are required. The body of this blade is made from a long-lasting high-wear AR400 material, while this material is proven to be very wear-resistant, it will wear out faster than the carbide inserts. A visual inspection must be made to determine the knife body integrity. If too much body wear is allowed the potential to lose the carbide inserts is increased.

Kooima Ag is one of the very few companies which continuously tests and looks for ways to improve wear and edge retention on our knives. Being the manufacturer and producing these in our Iowa plant allows us to implement changes and run tests without any delays. Also, having a high density of dairies and feedlots close to our plant allows for year-round testing in a variety of rations.

  • Patent # 11,044,852
Compatible models:
  • MaxiMixer™ Vertical Mixers
  • Supreme™ Vertical Mixers
  • Laird™ Vertical Mixers
  • Strautmann™ Vertical Mixers


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