American Made Mixer Knives

At Kooima Ag®, we offer a wide variety of knives to fit many different brands. Kooima Knives™ are superior and are used by both OEM and after market customers. We have a long history and impeccable reputation for manufacturing a quality product. Our in-house metallurgist ensures that our knives are the best quality possible. We offer three types of knives - standard knives, high performance serrated insert knives and serrated knives.

Standard mixer knives
are made of heat treated, high carbon steel with a tungsten carbide cutting edge. High performance serrated insert mixer knives feature Kooima Ag's exclusive patented tungsten carbide insert cutting surface or an extra-thick layer of tungsten carbide coating with a serrated edge for unsurpassed performance. These knives are great because they last longer! Serrated mixer knives are designed with serrations on each individual point giving them a more aggressive cutting edge. These knives are perfect for faster cutting! Our customers prefer Kooima Knives™, sharper knives save you fuel, time and money! Get your own set of Kooima Knives™ today!

Introducing our new Serrated Edge Knives!

The main benefit of these knives lies in their ability to cut with less horsepower, optimizing energy efficiency while delivering exceptional results. Thanks to their innovative design, the cutting edges stay sharper longer, reducing the need for frequent replacements and ensuring consistent, high-quality performance throughout their service life.

Featuring a 3/8" thick blade with a ¼" cutting edge, these knives offer exceptional durability and precision without the need for a backing plate, simplifying installation and maintenance processes.

Featured Knives

Mixer Knives 600x500

Mixer Knives

Check out our full line of American made mixer knives! Our knives come in standard, high-performance or serrated styles. Kooima Knives™ out cut the competition each time. With our wide variety of designs and brands - you are sure to find what you are looking for!

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Bale Slicer Installed

Bale Slicers

The Bale Slicer is a great product for farmers that are wanting to shorten hay particle length within the same amount of mixing time. This product is used for cutting livestock rations into smaller particles which helps with feeding.

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