10% Off Mixer Knives Happening Now!

10 Off Mixer Knives Happening Now

Been looking to order some new mixer knives? Now is the time to buy – and save! We are excited to offer this to our new and repeat customers! No code needed just put the knives in your cart to start saving!

Now is the perfect time to try our High Performance Serrated Insert style knives. These knives are the longest lasting knives on the market! Solid carbide with an aggressive serrated cutting edge for faster mixing times. These knives will save you time and money. Get feeding faster with our high performance serrated insert style knives.

Check out our serrated mixer knives designed with serrations on the knife points. This will help you cut feed more aggressively saving you time and money. These serrations will get sharper with time as the dings scratches from feed make these serrated blades sharper.

Our standard knives are made of heat treated, high carbon steel. This knives style is great for smaller mixers or mixer wagons used less often. They can also be placed on less aggressive cutting spots to help the other knives cut more. These knives feature a tungsten carbide cutting edge to last longer! Save time and money by replacing your knives less often.

Shop our full line of mixer knives, bale rippers, backing plates and bolts kits today! Take advantage of the sale be getting 10% off ALL retail orders now - November 30, 2022. This is the time to buy! Call in or order online to get your mixer knives on sale now! 1-800-522-8874 | sales@kooimaag.com