5 Mil Silage Tarps

Silage Tarps A Best Use Guide 2021

We have a large supply of 5 mil silage covers in stock at Kooima Ag. These tarps come in many different sizes. Five mil refers to the thickness of the silage tarp. These are your standard tarps, they are black on one side and white on the other.

Silage tarps can be used for many different things like: coving silage piles, bunker covers, construction projects, or even making berms to help control water.

These tarps have a heavy-duty core, so they are easy to transport by using a forklift. Carefully unroll your tarps. When unrolling a 5 mil tarp, they will run the length of the pile, then will be pulled up and over the pile.

This will place the seams in the right direction. You can choose to have either black or white face up. Most often, white is face up to keep the pile from overheating with black on top.

This is pretty puncture resistant, but it will stretch and pull relatively easily. This would work well on a short term. If you are wanting to only use this tarp for a year, this would be a good fit for you. It is overall a good tarp for the price.

If you would happen to get a rip or puncture in your tarp, we do offer silage cover tape. This tape comes in 3”x108” and 6”x108”. This will allow you to keep you pile secure and reduce the amount of oxygen entering your pile. Before applying the tape, make sure the area is clean.

There are some key differences between the 5 mil silage tarps and the 6 mil silage tarps. The 5 mil tarps are white-on-black. These tarps are a little easier to stretch and can be punctured easier than the 6 mil. The 6 mil tarps are a lot harder to pull and are twice as puncture resistant.

This will help to keep animals out of your pile, or reduce punctures if the tarp is walked on. If you are wanting your silage cover that will last longer than a year, we highly recommend the 6 mil covers.

To find out more information about the different options of tarps, visit our silage tarp product page, email us at [email protected], or call us at 800-522-8874.