Bale Processor Flails: A Best Use Guide (2022)

Bale Processor Flail

What is a Bale Processor?

A bale processor shreds or grinds up round bales, corn stalk bales, and square bales into smaller pieces so it is easier for cows to eat. It can also be used to put down bedding in a barn or pasture and spread an even layer on the ground to cover construction projects or land reclamation projects.

What are the main replacement parts in a bale processor machine?

Flails, bushing, bolts, and nuts are the biggest replacement parts on the bale processor.

What brands of Bale Processor does Kooima Ag® have replacement parts for?

We have replacement parts for the following brands: Bale King™, Brandt®, Fair Manufacturing™, H&S™, Haybuster®, Highline®, Jiffy™, Teagle®, and Vermeer®.

What is the difference between a standard and high-performance bale flail?

Standard flails are made of hard steel and do not have any additional coatings for extended wear. A high-performance flail has tungsten carbide applied to the leading edge. Tungsten carbide is a more durable material than steel, so it holds the edge longer. This enables farmers to shred more bales with the same set of flails and cuts down on labor time to switch flails.

How do you know when you need to replace your flails?

It is time to replace your flails when the outer edges get rounded, and the flails do not have a sharp leading edge. The squarer the leading edge on the flail, the more it rips off the bale.

How do you replace the flails in a bale processor?

Start by removing the nut and bolt from the bushing then, remove the flail and bushing from the drum. If the bushing has any wear spots, it is best to replace them.

To install, start by putting the bushing through the flail, then, place the flail on the drum. Slide the bolt through the bushing and tighten the nut and bolt. Torque to specs in the owner’s manual. Flails must be replaced in pairs on the opposite side of the drum to maintain the balance of the drum.

Where can I get more information about the Kooima Ag® Replacement Bale Flails?

Kooima Ag® offers standard and high performance bale processor flails for many brands see our Bale Processor Flails product page. Contact our sales team by emailing or calling us at 800-522-8874.

Kooima Ag® Replacement Bale Processor Flails to fit the following brands: