Bale Ripper to fit Jay-Lor® Mixer Wagons


We have designed our Bale Ripper to fit Jay-Lor® mixer wagons. The Bale Ripper is very beneficial when you are mixing full round bales. Keep reading as Nolan talks about how to install this bale ripper.

On Jay-Lor® wagons, the knives are installed on top of the auger. So, to install the bale ripper, we place it right on top of the knife and bolt it through. This is how we install the bale rippers on all other models as well. So the Bale Ripper is going to be on top and sandwiched by the knife.

Again, it will be installed in the same spot as other mixers as well. They will be installed in the second knife spot on the auger. Leave the top knife alone.

We designed the bale ripper so that when you throw full round bales in your mixer, they don't sit on top of your auger and just sit there for minutes and minutes at a time. The Bale Ripper is designed to take pieces off the bale and put those pieces down into the rest of the knives so that you can mix more efficiently throughout the day.

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