Brent – Inside Sales Manager


Today, we are celebrating Brent as he has worked with Kooima Ag for 25 years! This is a huge accomplishment, and we are so grateful for all he brings to the team! Over the years, Brent has gained expertise in the ag industry which has allowed him to build strong relationships with customers and team members.

Brent started at Kooima 25 years ago today. When he started, he was working nights part time running a machine and helping on the lasers. This was when we were still in the old flower shop. After that, he moved into a full-time draftsman position. From there he started in sales where he still works today as our Inside Sales Manager.

Over the years, there have been many stories and memories made, but there is one that stands out among the rest. Brent had just won a boat at the Sportsman’s Banquet. Phil and Bruce called Brent pretending to be from the IRS saying that he had to pay back taxes etc. They had him going for a while and got him pretty worked up. Brent was asking for opinions and was about to call the Sportsman’s Club. This was all before Brent got to know Bruce and when he was quite a bit more gullible.

There are many great things working for a company that treats you like more than a number. Brent’s favorite thing about working at Kooima Ag is the people he works with. “We have a great group of people to work with and everyone seems to get along well. It really helps when you don’t dread spending 8 to 9 hours plus with the people you work with,” Brent said.

Brent’s hobbies include working on his yard and house, golfing, wood working, and spending time with his boys. Brent and his wife Carisa have been married for 17 years. They have two boys Marcus (12) and Kaden (8). Brent was born and raised in Rock Valley and still lives here today.

Thank you, Brent, for all your hard work over the years!