Building Expansion

IMG 0739

Kooima Ag has started a new expansion project that is projected to be done by 2025. The expansion is going to add on to our warehouse and production floors. With all this extra room we are excited to be able to hold more inventory, making us able to get orders produced and out to our customers even faster. The expansion is off the back of the current Kooima Ag building. Check out the picture below for a visual.

Now that we have been gifted some of beautiful spring days here in Rock Valley, IA it has allowed the concrete crew to get busy pouring the floor for our additional warehouse and production area. It's fun to see this crew at work, knowing our addition will soon be complete.

This crew has done many projects for Kooima Ag over the years. We got Nick Fisher with Fisher Masonry as the general. We have the Van Voorst guys doing the flat work. Phil's neighbor Hans is running the leveling machine, and we have the Tri-State Van Zee family providing the ready mix. And finally, one of Phil's relations, Sam, is running the pump truck for tri-state pumping. We truly enjoy working with all these crews as we know they always do a great job.

Kooima Ag- expanding to service your needs.

IMG 0737
The concreate being poured for the addition to the production floor