Catalog Party

2021 Catalog

At Kooima Ag, we like to celebrate our staff and the milestones along the way. Every year, after the catalog is completed and sent out, we have a catalog party to celebrate! The whole team comes together to hang out and have a good time!

This year, the team headed out to a farm and spent the night hanging out! We even played some games! Our team enjoyed shooting, playing cornhole, hanging out and of course eating! The time spent together is used to get to know new people better and help us grow together as a team.

We have a group effort mentality at Kooima Ag. No one is above anyone else and we all help out where needed. The ladies even get their hands dirty and work out in the shop or warehouse. The catalog is a group effort and we couldn’t be more proud of our team doing such a great job year-after-year!

This year, our catalog featured over 3,000 parts and roughly 200 of them are new! We even added some to part lines for balers and disc mowers. If you haven't received yours yet it should be coming soon. Otherwise, download, request or call us to get one for yourself!

Contact us today to start getting your orders placed! Call us at 800-522-8874 or email us at!

2021/2022 Catalog

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