Collin - Project Engineer


Meet Collin, one of the newest members of the Kooima Ag team! He is a project engineer with us at Kooima Ag. He started with us right out of college. Collin stays busy engineering parts, helping with manufacturing and shipping and has even been in a few of our product videos!

Collin has been with Kooima Ag for just over 3 months. He was hired right out of college. Collin attended college at Iowa State University for Agricultural Engineering. He graduated in May of 2021. Collin was interested in a smaller company when he started looking for jobs.

He also wanted to be around family. When Collin heard that Kooima Ag was hiring an engineer, he applied. He decided it would be a good fit for him because, Kooima Ag is a friendly local business that happens to do business all over the country and even the world.

The values of taking care of our friends and neighbors appeals to Collin and he knows his work can help many people because of it.

Collin is a project engineer here at Kooima Ag. He has several different jobs on a weekly basis, such as updating engineering parts and 3D models, or making completely new models for new products. He also helps in the shop whenever needed and checks incoming parts and components for accuracy and that they are correct to specifications.

Collin has learned a lot about the various processes done here at Kooima Ag, such as our heat-treating process. He has alco been able to visit customers in the field and learn more about how our products are used, and how to improve them for the future.

Collin currently lives in Rock Valley. Some of his hobbies are reading – when he has the time, cooking, and visiting his grandparents who also live in Rock Valley. Welcome to the team Collin!