Current Conditions

Cornfield brown green

What are the current conditions in your area? Here in Northwest Iowa (Rock Valley) we have been super dry! Follow Cole as he talks about our crop conditions, shipping delays, and our new 2021 catalog!

The crops currently are looking pretty good, they are chest-to-head height. We did get a couple inches of rain here this past week. The crops are looking better than expected with the lack of rain we have gotten this year. The rain is spotty also, a few miles away only got about a half inch this week. We are still hopeful for a good harvest this year.

There is a truck driver shortage going on right now, so be sure to order early! It could take 2-3 days or maybe even a week to get the parts you need.

This year’s catalog is one of our best! We added a lot of new parts this year including some new ones for balers and disc mowers. These are currently in the mailing process, so if you have not received yours yet wait a week or two and you should have it! If you do not receive yours, either download one or give us a call and we will get one on the way to you.

Get ordering now! Call us at 800-522-8874 or email us at [email protected] to order early!

2021/2022 Catalog

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