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Final Inspection

At Kooima Ag, we take quality seriously. As we manufacture our parts, we do quality checks at each stage. Watch Collin, an engineer at Kooima Ag, as he describes how we check the quality of our parts in his final inspection.

Induction hardening includes hardness checks. Hardness checks check the edges of parts, so it is the ideal hardness for the best combination of wear resistance and toughness. The next quality check happens after our parts come out of the heat furnace. Once removed, these parts are monitored closely by our in-house metallurgist to ensure the wear coatings perform their best. Even though the quality is monitored closely throughout the manufacturing process, we give our parts one final check before they are placed into inventory.

Before placing our manufactured parts into inventory, we ensure all the proper quality documentation is in place. We perform one final check of the important dimensions. The engineers verify the edge angles to ensure they will meet the shear bar correctly once the knife gets installed. The size of the hard-facing is verified to ensure you get the maximum knife life. Engineers also check the flatness of the knife with feeler gauges on a granite block surface to ensure the part will bolt up properly and match correctly with the shear bar.

Once the final inspection is complete, our parts are put into inventory.