Galen - Ag Sales Representative

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Join us in celebrating Galen today as he has worked with Kooima for 25 years! This is a huge milestone, and we are so excited for him! It is an honor to work with people who stay with the company and grow along side it.

Over the years, Galen has done a number of things with the company. He started out in the shop running lasers – this was the first half of his career. After running lasers, he changed rolls and headed inside to the ag sales division. He still continues to work in ag sales.

Galen is very well known in the Kooima Ag circle. If you don’t know him, you have probably heard him as he is the voice you hear on our radio ads! Among these jobs, he also helps out where needed. Some of these include knife cell, induction hardening, knife grinding, shipping, and returns.

There is one story Galen still tells – it goes back to when he was working nights in the shop (about his 3rd year). There was a huge snowstorm that rolled in. Phil came to the shop and told everyone they were shutting everything down and going home.

As Galen was getting ready to leave, Phil stopped him and asked if he should be heading home and that he should maybe stay in town for the night. Galen thought “Heck for me to get back to Canton would be no problem at all”.

Well, not being able to see past the hood of his pick up, getting stuck, and picking up someone else who was stuck made it clear just how bad the storm was. He rolled into Canton 4 hours later. The lesson learned from Galen? Don’t be an idiot and listen to the boss.

He has many favorite things about working at Kooima Ag, but the best of all is the people. Galen said he has been lucky enough to work with really good people that have become good friends.

Galen lives in Canton, SD with his family. He has been married to Debbie for 22 years this September. Together, they have 2 daughters, Kelsey – a sophomore in college and Ellery – a freshman in high school.

His hobbies include golf, bowling, going to his daughters’ events and hanging out with buddies. He also enjoys going to good ole’ rock and roll concerts!

Thank you, Galen, for all your hard work over the years!