How to install a Kooima Ag Cracker Plate on a JD® 5000 Series Harvester

K38618 HP Cracker Plate

Are your cracker plates worn out? At Kooima Ag, we can help with that!

When you buy a Cracker Plate from Kooima Ag, it will come with simple instructions and a bolt kit.

First, you need to remove the old cracker plates. Start by taking out the bolts. Then, there will be two bushings holding it in. Simply tap on the plate and it will eventually fall out. Be careful that it doesn’t fall on you. Once the cracker plates are removed, install the new cracker plate.

Start by putting the bolts on the side. Then, place the cracker plate in its position. Once in position, install the lower bolts to hold the cracker plate in place. You can just hand tighten the lower bolts for now.

Now that the cracker plate is installed, you have to set it in the right spot. Setting it is how the dura drum knives are worn (to what diameter), so you want to be cautious that you won’t be hitting anything. Set the cracker plate 1/16” – 1/8” away from the knives and then tighten the bolts. Depending on how worn out the knives are, will determine the placement of the cracker plate. When they are new they should be at their lowest point, halfway should be in the middle, and very worn should be at the top.

Once the cracker plate is installed and in place, you can fully tighten the lower bolts. Check the cracker plate position and be sure that it is still in the right spot. You can then tighten the upper bolts.

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