How to Install Earlage Pans

K79268 K64453 Earlage Pans

When cutting earlage, it can be difficult to get all the corn through the feed rolls. At Kooima Ag, we can help you catch that corn that falls through the feed rolls with our earlage pans!

To install the earlage pans, start by removing the yellow plate. This will give you access to the inside of the header adapter. Remove the bottom bolts first then get something for the plate to rest on before removing the top bolts. Once the yellow plate is removed, you can remove the forklift.

When you grind ear corn, corn will fall through the feed rolls. By having earlage pans, you can catch the corn that falls through the feed rolls. There are 2 pans, one for the front and one for the back. A helpful tip is to have the carriage bolts sitting on the pan.

Begin with the front pan. Bring the pan up and slide it under the front lower feed roll. Let it rest in there and move underneath the chopper for the rest.

You will want to get the front pan started on all three bolts. Leave it angled up because the rear pan will slide underneath. Leave a nice gap and grab the rear pan. The slots of the rear pan are going to go in right over the bolts where the front pan rests.

The rear pan has 2 tabs. That will line up with the side of the chopper. Once they are in position, you will slide a bolt into there as well. Turn the heads keeping the square carriage in its spot. Then, reinstall the yellow plate.

Let Kooima Ag help you catch that excess corn and save you money! Call us at 800-522-8874 or email us at [email protected].

Earlage Pans for Wide Throat Machines 7700-7850

K79268 - Lower Pan

K64453- Rear Pan

Earlage Pans for Narrow Throat Machines 6610-7580

K63659 - Lower Pan

K50086 - Rear Pan