How to Install K125061 & K125072 Bumpers

K125061 K125072 Bumper

It can be tricky installing a cutter bumper. Well, we are here to walk you through the process! Follow along and watch our video for more help. Also, be sure to keep your instruction manual close. Since you will be working on the back of your chopper, move the spout out of the way so you don’t run into it with any objects.

To install the base, there are already M20 tapped holes on the back of the chopper – 3 on each side. You will install the left- and right-hand brackets and put the M20s on first. Then, insert the 3/4 on the sides. Once those are on, there are 5/8 to go inside the cutter. This is all included in your instruction manual! All the holes are already on the cutter – we engineered our base to match. Keep in mind that all of our bumpers need this base.

Line up the bumper with the base (which is already installed on the chopper). Use a chopper to help lift it and get it to the right spot. Next, attach the bumper with the bolts – do not forget to use the washers! Once all the bolts are hand snug, the bumper will not move of off the base so you can move your lifting equipment. Use a 1 1/8” wrench and a swivel to install the bottom 4 bolts.

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