How to Remove the Wing Drive Couplers on Kemper™ and JD® Rotary Heads

Drive Coupler Assembly

Have problems removing your wing drive couplers? Kooima Ag has just what you need!

We will be demonstrating taking the wing drive couplers off a 4500 Kemper™. The coupler on the wing is a lot harder to take off than the other. The spring and the washer are behind the non-movable small drum on the Kemper™ head with just a small snap ring. You can remove just the snap ring and it pops off very nicely.

The folding head part can be stuck sometimes. There is a large snap ring and that is all you have to take off. The rest is a bearing and a coupler pressed in there. If it is not too stuck in there, you can just use a slide hammer. This is why we have the drilled and tapped 3/8 hole to turn it in and do the slide hammer action. If it is really stuck, sometimes you can get a breaker bar in and wedge it out with some help. In this case, we got the pulley puller and had to grind off a little bit of the teeth. Be careful if you have to use the pulley puller because the shaft will fall out and these are nice to stick back in. You will have to line these up and hammer them back in. Now that the older coupler is removed, knock it out of the pulley puller and put the new one in. We like to use a 7/8 socket and a little shaft and apply a lot of pressure to get it out. If you don’t have a good pulley puller, you can use a torch and blow out the bearings.

When you order your drive couplers from Kooima Ag, alongside your wing drive coupler, we recommend ordering a bearing and snap rings because they will be destroyed when taking them off.

When you have the shaft out, pay attention to the spline wear. If the coupler is wobbling on there, it wouldn’t hurt to replace the shaft and the coupler.

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