How to Repair Rotary Corn Head Intake Disc Sections

KK90655 4 Disc Intake

Are you struggling to repair your rotary corn head intake disc sections? Let the experts at Kooima® Ag help you out! Follow Nolan as he fixes a rotary head on a Kemper™ 4500 – 6 row header.

The pull in tooth right above the top knife is very important. The cutting knife spins really fast cutting off the stalk. Then, there are 4 fingers grabbing the stalk and moving it into the throat. This causes a lot of wear on the bottom fingers. Since they are on the bottom, most people can’t see how much wear is actually on them. One way to tell is that it is very sharp, it is not supposed to be sharp. When it is sharp, the cutter doesn’t feed very well because it is actually cutting the stalk while its bringing it to the head.

To help this, we sell an affordable piece to be welded on top of the finger. (LH KK90655 & RH KK90654) Once it is in its spot, the intake disc weld-on section should be flush with the front. It is very important that the intake disc weld-on section is flush, because the stalk will be right next to it and will need to go to the small intake drum to be released. There cannot be any debris or anything in the way interrupting the trade-off. So, make sure your weld is on the back side and does not go above the piece because of the scraper in the back. Also, be sure there is no weld on the leading end because this is where the handoff begins. The points are very worn, so you will most likely have to bend them, so they don’t wear too thin and get flat.

Now, after you do this several times, you’ll want to make sure the points are as close to the fingers as possible for optimal feeding performance. The points will have to be located ahead especially if they are pointed back from wear. So, after the pieces are welded on, before you do anything else, loosen the 4 bolts and throw the points ahead. If you need a tool to help with adjusting the rods, or anything bent find our adjusting bar tool KK4500CB.

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