Importance of the Blade Scrapers and Points on Rotary Corn Heads

KK67156 KK67157 Blade Scrapers

Ever wondered why a scraper was so important on Kemper™ rotary corn head? Allow the experts at Kooima® Ag to answer that for you!

The importance of a scraper underneath the knives on a Kemper™ rotary corn head is to cut through the leaves at the bottom of the corn. As you know, when cutting corn there are a lot of leaves and they like to wrap themselves around the points. When you drive the cutter, it will be clear that these points are wrapped with leaves, especially when you try to get another stalk in through. This is the importance of the scrapers.

The importance of drum scrapers

There are 2 scrapers on each drum (LH KK67156 & RH KK67157). You may feel some vibrations if one of these is missing, because the drums need to be balanced. The scraper will go through and cut the leaves all off after every pass so that the points stay clean, and you can cut the next stalk.

Another way it cleans it is from the bar that is located right behind the scraper. This bar has 2 purposes. First, it supports this finger with the next finger. Secondly, it helps keep the scraper clean. So, if the bar is missing it is harder for the scraper to do the cleaning job it needs. It is important to keep the bars on or welded on. You will see this when you are driving your chopper and it bunches up there are one or more missing.

If you ever get to a point where your points wear out or get thinner we can get you set up with some new ones. Look for either a small drum crop divider assembly (LH KK65048 & RH KK65049) or a large drum crop assembly (LH KK64141 & RH KK64142). This is very good to have when running a Kemper head. We have points for all the Kemper™ heads.

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