Importance of the Upper Rear Feed Roll when Grinding Ear Corn

K9863261 Upper Rear Feed Roll

Why is an upper rear feed roll so important? It will help you feed better!

We tested this on a 2014 Claas® 980 machine that has our Dual Roll Adapter. The upper rear feed roll has never been changed. With the Dual Roll the chopper fed better, but it would have fed even better with a new upper rear feed roll. On this machine, a lot of 1” cut cobs were found with all the kernels missing. The reason for this is the cobs are getting to the upper rear feed roll, but the upper rear feed roll is too dull and not aggressive enough to push them through. What’s happening the cobs are just spinning and spit right back out. There is some protection in there to try and keep them in, but there were a lot of cobs found in the machine and on the corn head.

The importance of an upper rear feed roll? Sharpness.

These should be changed every 2-3 years, especially if you do a lot of ear corn. This will help you feed ear corn much better!

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