Julie – Administrative Assistant


At Kooima Ag, whether it be over the phone or in person, we take pride in greeting our customers with a smile. When you first arrive or call in you will meet Julie – our administrative assistant. She is our go-to person for everything in the office and always has time to chat!

Julie will have worked at Kooima Ag for 7 years in December. She is our administrative assistant but has helped in other positions as well over the years. She has helped in shipping, counting parts, and running machines.

Julie has a lot of memories from throughout her time here, but two stories stand out the most. Her first story is from when she had been working at Kooima Ag for about 3 years. It was the end of the workday; Julie and two salesmen were the only people left at the office. Julie had just left for the day and went out to her car, started it up, and started backing up. Suddenly, she heard a “crunch”! She got out of her vehicle to see what it was…she had hit one of the salesmen’s car. She said, “The sad thing was, we were the only two cars in the parking lot!” Her second story, it was wintertime and Julie was behind her desk with her heater running. The phone rang and she answered the phone like normal, then she felt her pantleg move a little bit. She thought it was just her heater blowing air, so she reached down to move the heater. Much to her surprise, it was not the heater blowing air, it was a MOUSE! A mouse was running up her leg! She couldn’t scream as she was still on the phone with the customer but, once the call was finished, she freaked out a little bit. 😉

There are a few things Julie enjoys about working at Kooima Ag. Julie enjoys working with our team. It is a great group of people, and she enjoys working with each of them. By far though, her favorite part is the customers! She loves talking to them and seeing how their day is going or what they are up to. She always tries to have a smile on her face and be in a good mood. Julie said, “To me, first impressions are important – whether the customer walks in or calls.” She wants the customer to leave Kooima Ag thinking we were friendly and helpful. Hopefully, this will make them continue buying parts & telling others about us.

Julie lives in Rock Valley. She has been married to her husband, Kevin, for 33 years. He works at A&I Products in Rock Valley. Together, Julie and her husband have two sons: RJ who is 31, and Hunter is 27. RJ lives in Rock Valley and is a truck driver for Van Zee Enterprise. Hunter lives in Hull and is an RN in the Pediatrics Unit at Avera Hospital in Sioux Falls. Julie’s hobbies include: taking their dog, Kya, for walks; watching their 2 “grand-dogs”; hunting; baking; going to Sioux Falls to see her family; spending time with friends.

Thank you, Julie, for all your hard work!