K00075 Earlage Adapter Installation

K00075 Header Adapter

Want to spend less time working on the installing an earlage adapter on a 6750 John Deere® forage harvester and more time in the field? Watch this video for a step-by-step process to ensure your installation goes smoothly getting you out of the shop faster!

This adapter fits all JD® 6000 & 7000 Series choppers. The biggest advantage is that it has an enclosed gearbox, speeding up the impeller. If you have a narrow body 7000 series, or any of the 6000 series you will need to use the narrow body plates when installing the adapter. These will come with the adapter.

If you fall in this category, you will need to remove the wide plates and install the narrow plates instead. To take off the wide plate, remove the 4 bolts and the plate should come out. Then reinsert the narrow plates in the same place. It will say on the plates what side it should go on. Next, remove the skid plates from the bottom.

The easiest way to do this is by pulling the adapter in the air. By using a 3/4” socket, you can take off the skid shoes(plates). Now that the skid plates are removed, you can put the adapter onto the chopper.

To do this, again raise the adapter into the air and drop it on the 2 hooks in the front. Now that it is on the chopper, attach the 2 pins. Sometimes you will need to do some minor adjusting. This is due to some of the plates being bent. If this is the case, you can cut off the latch a little bit so there is a pin in the bottom. There is a pin on the other side also. This is from the adjustment plate from earlier. Pull the adjustment strap and put the pin in. Once everything is set in place, tighten it all down.

Next, install the PTO. This should click the shaft onto the gearbox. It will slide in and out a bit, so that is where the adjustment comes in. Check your gearbox for oil. We like to do this by opening the overflow valve a little bit and making sure there is a little oil that comes out. It is good to check this because, in transport, the adapter can be tipped over or lay on its face which causes it to block the breather hole making the level off. Make sure the adapter is in a level or close-to level state when checking this. This gearbox takes 7 quarts of oil. It is a good idea to change your oil after every season. Use Schaefers 75-90 Partial Synthetic lube.

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