K125083 Rubber Back for Bumper - Assembly and Installation

K125083 Rubber Back

At Kooima® Ag, we have just what you need to protect your high dollar equipment! Our K125083 rubber back protects your bumper so you don’t have to worry about damage!

Let’s go over how to install a rubber back on a cutter bumper. Start by laying the rubber pad on the bumper. Both are the same, so it won’t matter if it is on the right or left side. Be sure to have everything prepared when you start and read through the instructions beforehand.

There are a lot of holes to line up, so to start, start with a carriage – there are 5. These help hold the big rubber piece on. Then, there are 5 rubber bumpers on each side. Place these first and don’t tighten until the end. Use a short three-quarter, and in the bolt kit find the 3 ½” bolt to start all 4 threads. The bumper has threaded holes so all you have to do is start them. It is hard to get your fingers in the holes, so an extension can come in handy.

Now that everything is started get the regular nut started on the backside of the carriages. Then, you can switch to a deep socket. There is no torque setting for tightening a bolt on rubber, so you have to do it by eye. You just to compress it until it compresses and that is your lock. Go through and tighten the rest of the rubber bumpers.

Once all the rubber bumpers are in place then go back to the carriage and tighten the nuts on the back. Make sure there is a tight fit for the locking mechanism. Make sure the carriage was flush. If you use an impact, the carriage will not spin in because the holes were rounded. The holes were cut so that if done quickly with an impact, the carriage will not spin. If the carriage spins it will not get tight. Be cautious not to over tighten either as that will cause the carriage to spin also.

Next, we are going to preinstall the rubber back to the base. Find the 5/8 bolts from the bolt kit – there should be 3 for each side. Insert one of the bolts and slightly tap it into place. When placing the bolts, 2 go to the outermost holes and one in the centermost hole. When inserting the bolts, do not forget the washer! Once in place, you can add the nut to the bolt to hold it in place. Tighten the nuts with an impact.

Now it is time to fully install the rubber back onto the cutter bumper. The ends of the 4 coal pockets are not exposed because you want the rubber to keep the rubber in the entire back. You just pre-installed the rubber back with the 5/8 bolts set to your desired height, so now all that needs to be done is bolt the rubber back to the bumper. This is done with 4 bolts on top and 4 on the bottom. Line it up and insert the bolts. Now you are protected from damage!

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K125083 Assembly Manual

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