K502STOP Kit - Grinding Earlage with a 502 Series Claas®


Are you wanting to feed corn through your Claas® 502 series better? The earlage adapter experts at Kooima Ag are here to help! Follow Nolan as he talks about grinding ear corn with the Claas® 502 chopper and how Kooima Ag can help it feed ear corn better.

For reference, the cutter we were working on already had a K502STOP kit installed and it just came out of the field. Now we are going to go over how many should be installed on the 502 machines and why. At the end of the season, the cobs get brittle, so they will get cut in half and stripped before they even make it to the cutter drum. At the beginning of the season, when the corn is wetter, it doesn’t just break off the cob. Towards the end of the year, the corn will begin to shell which is very difficult to get into the cutter drum. To remedy this, we created the K502STOP kit. This kit is designed to keep your feed rolls up and to run the correct tension in the cab. Many people called in at the end of the season and asked what they could try to help them feed better. We recommended installing the K502STOP and changing some settings in the cab, by doing this, the machine was able to feed better.

We decided to use 2 blocks on each cylinder. The cylinders control the upper rear feed roll. In addition to the blocks on the cylinders, we will also be installing 2 blocks to the upper front feed roll. This will help you to grind ear corn faster. To install the 2 blocks on each cylinder, you will start by removing the spring on the left side. Once the spring is removed, you will need to go into the cab and raise the feed rolls. Most of you will have installed the earlage package from Claas®, you will need to push that button in minus until the gauge reads “0”. This will raise the feed rolls up 3-4 inches.

Install the upper front feed roll pieces first. Remove the nuts and take the blocks apart and add 1 block to each side of the upper front feed roll. Once the blocks are placed, place the nuts back on and tighten them. Then to install the upper rear feed roll pieces, you will place the blocks around the cylinder and then tighten them just so the lock nut is snug and doesn’t move. These blocks can move, they don’t have to be super tight. When you are finished repeat on the other side. There should be 2 blocks on the right side and 2 blocks on the left side. There is a total of 3 K502STOP kits on this machine – one kit comes with 2 blocks.

Contact Kooima Ag’s sales team to get your K502STOP kits and start grinding ear corn better! Call us at 800-522-8874 or email us at sales@KooimaAg.com.