K56626 Sharpening Stone Installation

K56626 Sharpening Stone

Are you struggling with installing a sharpening stone on a 7000 series John Deere® forage harvester? At Kooima® Ag, our expert staff know just how to get it done! Follow along with Nolan as we go through installing the K56626 Sharpening Stone on a 7000 series John Deere® forage harvester.

The process to change the sharpening stone is remove the old stone and insert the new K56626 sharpening stone. We first want to make sure that the stone is in the home position – it most often it will be in the right position after the machine shuts off. If there is debris in the way, you will have to clear that so the stone can go back to its home position. You will want to take off the covers for starters because, we are going to remove the stone through the bottom of the machine.

Now, what we like to do, is take the stop clicker loose and then swing it out of the way and hand tighten it. The reason for tightening it is so that it doesn’t swing back down on you while you are working inside the machine. Then, move the stone all the way to the up position to get it higher. This is done by turning the bolt clockwise.

Then, to take the bolts loose on the stone, there are 4 nuts that you will need a long extension to reach. Take the bolts loose and the stone should come out underneath. There will be a grease pod on the bottom, but that is how to remove the old stone.

Next, we will install the new stone. We always like to use new hardware when installing a new part. For this sharpening stone, you will want the K56626BK Hardware Kit. The bolts on the stone do not wear out, but they are all aluminum so the bolts may seize causing problems when you remove them. There may be junk in the old nuts, so it is always good to use new hardware. There are no torque settings on the screws, so you can put the covers back on.

You will want to manually move the stone over, because if you let the machine do it and the stone is too low it will wipe out some of the knives and hit them. When the stone hits the knives abruptly, it will take a big chuck out. The trick is to loosen the bolts so you can manually move the stone left and right allowing you to set the depth just a little bit above so it can sharpen. Make sure to move the drum back and forth to check the position. We adjusted ours a little higher to be sure we were clearing the knives since they were rubbing a little bit. You will want to check that you are clearing the knives from the last time they were sharpened. Once that is in the right position, take your stop and place it back. Once the stop is in the down position, it locks the stone in place so that when the machine does a sharpening cycle, it will click each time it goes back and forth. Double check to make sure you don’t wipe out a piece of your knife and you are ready to sharpen!

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