K7000KIT Earlage Feed Roll Kit Installation

K7000 KIT Earlage Kit

Having problems when grinding earlage with your John Deere® 7000 series forage harverster? Our K7000KIT is a MUST when grinding earlage! It will help open the feed rolls and prevent corn from exiting the sides.

To install the kit, you will first need to remove the yellow plate. Sometimes the bolts can be hard to get out, so you may need an impact. It’s a good idea to leave the top bolts in until you get a lifting mechanism in place to hold it.

With the yellow plate off, it is very easy to get to where we need to be. We are going to loosen the double nut and take the spring off so we can replace the eye bolt (K162269) which will give the spring more room to open. Sometimes in the field, springs go missing, just replace the spring during this process. Remove all the springs, then CAREFULLY put the forks in between the bottom and top 2 rolls lifting both the top rolls up. By raising them to the top, we will be gaining a lot of room to work. Once you have lifted the rolls, place blocks in the open space for the feed rolls to rest on and remove the forklift.

What we want to get at is the rubber bumpers that are located underneath the feed roll stops. There is a cotter pin in there and if it looks rusty, try to get them loose and replace them with new rubber bumpers. For this, it doesn’t matter if they are right and left. They will be about an inch taller in the front and about 3/4” taller in the back.

Before inserting the new rubber bumpers, there is a side shield that needs to be installed. To do this, we need to take the bolts loose that the shield bolts onto. Take them loose with a 16 and since they are carriage bolts, you shouldn’t need a wrench in the inside. If you have a 7200-7500 series you will want to upgrade to the new bolt kit K101960BK. The bolts are longer in order to work with the new plate you will be putting on. When putting the new plate on you may have to lift up the feed rolls a bit more in order to get it past the gearbox. When installing the plate, when the bolts are about half way through the thread, put a little lock tight on them so that they won’t come loose.

Now that the plate is installed, you can install the rubber in the front and back. You may have to push the back one more also. The shield really protects from corn leakage in the top, sides, and even the back when the feed rolls are going up and down.

Repeat the exact same thing on the other side. If it is the left side, you will want to remove the grease line since that will be in your way and reinsert it once finished. After you have the side plates installed, you will install the eye bolts - K162269 - these eye bolts are a little bit longer. We want to do this because we set our feed rolls a little bit higher, so it can swallow corn easier. You will want the lifting mechanism back to help with this process. The eye bolts will be installed through the rear feed roll through the front hole. You will want an assistant to help insert the eye bolt while bringing the upper feed rolls down. You will also want to remove the front spring. You will not need it to chop ear corn so put it away for the time being.

Once you have inserted the eye bolts, you may want to tighten them and put a little spring pressure on them – not a lot. Then, when that is finished, you will want to put your double nut on to lock it in place. Now that we brought it back down again, we need to put the top plate back on (located in the kit). Take the top bolt loose and insert the top plate.

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