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Kooima Ag Helping Friends

Kooima Ag was started when some of John’s friends were having difficulties finding parts for their combines. John decided he could help them out by making some of these parts.

They started the business in a 1,200 square foot building. When Kooima Ag was started they were only making one part number, now there are over 2,000 part numbers in stock, ready to ship, every day.

Kooima Ag is a manufacturer of cutting components for the ag industry. Our products are – in many cases – better than OEM. The parts fit and function as replacements. We also coat most of our parts with the Koyma Klad process. This is a superior wear coating that adds durability and wear resistance to the parts.

Our robotic technology allows us to work efficiently – allowing us to get parts made faster. We also have a vacuum furnace that gives our parts a superior quality.

Kooima Ag was one of the first companies to bring Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) to the ag market. This allows us to make better components, better parts, and longer wearing parts.

Our in-house metallurgist speaks to the quality and investment we put into our parts. A metallurgist makes sure the steel is right, the heat treating is right, the wear coating is applied correctly for the longest wear, and more.

Customers have come to appreciate a well-made, US-made product. They realize that a company like Kooima Ag – competing with the OEMs – helps keep the prices down for everybody. Also – most parts are in stock, making it easy to get parts out the same day. This helps our customers stay in the field during their busy times.

The team at Kooima Ag is able to produce the parts and sell them directly to the user. There is no dealer or distributor – the parts come right from us. The Kooima Ag team and company have grown right alongside the customers. Some have started with smaller choppers and as they upgraded, we started making parts for their new choppers as well.

Kooima Ag’s team works hard and knows their job well. No one needs to worry about something getting done. Everyone helps out when needed. We all help ship parts, run machines, and answer phone calls. We are a team – always working together and helping each other out. The people are the heart and soul of Kooima Ag.

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