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Here at Kooima Ag, we want you to rest assured that we know what we are doing. We are in the middle of farm and dairy country ensuring that we can see our parts in use and are able to test them on different applications. Kooima Ag – helping friends farm better.

We have a prime location when it comes to the ag industry. Not only are we in the Midwest – at the center of the US to help ship parts out fast – but also, we are in the middle of farm and dairy farming country. Most of our staff has grown up on or around farms and farming. This means the Kooima Ag staff is knowledgeable when it comes to the ag industry and ag parts.

Kooima Ag - Farming is our World

Just the other day, right across the road from our office, we were able to see a local farmer chopping some alfalfa. We could see them right out the side windows. This is very important to us at Kooima Ag. We can see our products in use on a daily basis right in our own backyards.

We also trust our products so much that we use them on our own farms. The owner of Kooima Ag – Phil Kooima – has a farm and uses Kooima Ag products when chopping. The products are made, tested, and used by us. This is an assurance to YOU that we have quality made parts to help you farm better!

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