Kooima® Ag Kernel Processor Rolls - Options and When to Change Them

KP Rolls Options

Have you ever wondered what the best kernel processor roll was for you? Follow along with Nolan as he discusses the different types of kernel processor rolls that Kooima® Ag has to offer. We have great choices for you and what type of application you want to process.

Let’s jump right in and talk about our fiber tech chrome plated chevron roll. This is our best-selling roll. This roll is heat-treated, chromed, and has extra teeth cut in it. The extra teeth give it more sharp corners to annihilate the kernels. The fiber tech chrome plated chevron roll is designed to break the kernel into 4 or 5 pieces.

What is the fiber tech chevron roll?

The next roll we are going to talk about is our fiber tech chevron roll. This is the same shape as the fiber tech chrome plated chevron roll except, it does not have the chromed plate finish. The fiber tech chevron roller will do the same processing job but will wear out quicker.

Our last roller we can sell you is our straight saw tooth style with no extra teeth added. This will process the kernel by just cracking it. The straight cut roll is a traditional style and what everyone started out using. This is a very good roller. If you just want to crack the kernels, then I wouldn't suggest you buy the chromed fiber tech roll when the straight cut will work fine.

These 3 rolls are all great choices.

When should you change your roll?

Now, let’s talk about when to change your roll. At Kooima® Ag, we get a lot of calls asking us: When do I know my kernel processor roll is shot or dull? When do I need to replace it? There are a lot of indicators when you need to change your rolls.

First, you don’t know how sharp the kernel processor roll started out. On a new roll, the roller could cut your finger if you apply a lot of pressure. It has very sharp corners. The 2 sides are about 1/8 - 3/16” high. On a worn-out kernel processor roll, the top will be flat and very dull. There is also a very little step when the roll is worn out. If you have a kernel processor roll that was chrome plated to start, once that chrome wears off the roll will wear out rapidly.

Another thing that can cause damage to your kernel processor roll is when foreign objects go through them. When a foreign object goes through your rolls, like a bolt, it does tend to chip the teeth up. If you have a lot of rolls that have the chips on them, it is time to change your processor rolls.

More indicators can be seen from the cab. If you feel a little vibration coming from the processor, it is more than likely that it is the shaft with the bearing on it. It is a MUST that when you change your kernel processor rolls, you change the bearing as well. The bearings are designed with a very tight fit since the rollers spin at fast RPMs. So, if you put a used bearing on a new shaft, you will get a vibration. If you do change the bearings, you can feel a little step in the shaft when you take the old bearings off. New bearings are in stock for all of our processor rolls, so save yourself the headache and buy them new today!

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