Manuel - LMD Operator

Manuel LMD

Manuel has worked at Kooima Ag for 11 years and we are so grateful for all the time and energy he has put into his job! His current position is as our LMD operator. Our laser metal deposition lasers (LMD) are used to laser clad carbide to provide extended wear life on Ag Equipment. When Manuel first started at Kooima Ag he worked part time in our parts packaging department, from there he moved his way up into laser cutting for aluminum, then to bending and drilling, and now he is in our LMD and DMD. Manuel has and continues to do a great job in any position he is placed in. Manuel says his favorite part of working at Kooima Ag is getting better at working with the lasers, he says his work is rewarding.

One of Manuel's memories of working at Kooima Ag is one morning he woke up and looked at the clock and thought he had overslept. He rushed to get ready and hurried to work, but when he arrived he was the only car in the parking lot. He then finally looked at his car clock to find out it was only 5 A.M. and his house clock was wrong. He was happy he wasn't late, but sad he missed out on an hour of sleep.

Manuel lives in Rock Valley with his 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Outside of work he likes to spend his time with them. He also likes to play soccer, travel, and try new restaurants. We are so happy Manuel is a part of the Kooima Ag team, thank you Manuel!