Mike - Knife/Spray Cell Operator

Mike K

Today, we are celebrating Mike on his 25th anniversary of working at Kooima Ag! Mike is a member of our production team and brings a lot of experience to the team. Mike always has a smile on his face and can talk to anybody. Meet Mike!

Mike works in the shop alongside our production team. He mainly works in and runs the spray cell operation. Mike also likes to help where needed. He has been known to run other machines and help in shipping during our busy season.

Over the years, Mike has a lot to look back on, but some things stick out more than others. Mike said, "when I started at Kooima, I would bring a lot of parts to customers, or the back of their pickups." This is one of the many things Mike enjoys about his time here. Mike also enjoys the different company outings we go on as a group.

Mike's favorite thing about working at Kooima Ag is the people he works alongside. The people here make the company. He also likes to see and work on the different robots in the shop and what they can do.

Mike lives a few miles outside of Rock Valley. Mike enjoys going hunting and fishing whenever he can!

Thank you, Mike, for all your hard work through the years! We appreciate you and your service!