Mixer Knife Sale

Laird Mixer Wagon

We have a mixer knife sale going on right now! Get 10% off all mixer knives, backing plates, and bolts kits! Shop the sale now through November 31, 2021. Get yourself a set of Kooima Knives™ - sharper knives to save you time, fuel, and money! All Kooima Knives are made in the USA!

At Kooima Ag, we have an impeccable reputation for manufacturing a quality-made product. Our long history lets you rest assured that we know what we are doing and will get you the best mixer knives around. Kooima Knives are superior to any other mixer knives on the market. Because all our knives are made in Rock Valley, Iowa, we have them in stock and ready to ship - that is the factory direct advantage! Our customers range from OEM's to after-market consumers.

Our Kooima Knives come in three different styles - standard, high-performance, and serrated. Our standard knives, made of heat-treated, high carbon steel with a tungsten carbide cutting edge. The high-performance knives feature the Kooima Ag exclusive patented carbide coating for unsurpassed performance. The serrated knives, designed with serrations on each point to give them a more aggressive cutting edge.

Find out for yourself why our customers prefer Kooima Knives - mixer knives that save you time, fuel, and money. Call us at 800-522-8874 or email us at [email protected] to get your own set of Kooima Knives today!