New Holland® Replacement Knife and Baffle Installation

K9615439 K642472 NH Knife Baffle Install

Are your knives and baffles wearing out on your cutter head? If so, it is time to replace them. Follow Collin as he walks you through the installation of knives and baffles on a New Holland 1915 style cutter head.

You will first have to remove the old knives and baffles from the cutter head. Once they are off, it is time to put on the new ones. For this cutter head, we are using the K9615439 knife and the K642472 baffle.

First, you will install the baffle onto the cutter head. There are holes in the baffle that will line up with the holes on the cutter head. Next, you will take your knife and place it on top of the baffle. Using the slotted holes in the knife, you can align the knife correctly in respect to the shear bar and the sides of the cutter drum housing.

Once the knife is slightly lined up, you can start placing the K58150 bolts. Start with the middle bolt and move down the line. Now that all the bolts are started, do some final adjustments to the placement of the knife using the slots. When doing this, make sure it is lined up correctly to your machine. After the knife is in place, you can grab your impact and start tightening the bolts. You will want to start on one end and work across. Make sure to start on one side then move to the other side so the knife is aligned correctly. Once the outer two bolts are tightened work your way through the rest. Double-check all the bolts are tight to be sure the knife is secure to the cutter head. Your knife is now installed and ready to use.

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