Payloader Hitch

Payloader Hitch

We are excited to share a new product with you! Our team designed a hitch for your payloader that will attach to any wagon. This will help save time and energy when the time comes to move bales. You can move bales without having to get out of the payloader and without needing to call for help.

This will be beneficial when the harvest ends and all the bales need to move to the farm. Normally, out in the field, you need a payloader and a tractor with a wagon. You also need a payloader and tractor at the farm. We designed this hitch so you only need 1 payloader and 1 person and you can easily pull your wagons. This hitch can be hooked and unhooked from the wagon within the cab.

The hitch is easy to install. You only need a pin to install the hitch. The hitch is heavy so you will want 2 people to put the hitch in place on the payloader. We built this hitch to be very durable so it can handle large loads of bales. This will save you a lot of time and energy when gathering scattered bales.

While testing the hitch, we transferred 34 bales to a farm 2 ½ miles away. The hitch worked well and made the transition easy. By using the quick hitch, there was no need to get out of the payloader and no need to call someone once back at the farm. This is a very economical way to transfer bales from field to farm.

Once at the farm, when the bales are stacked, the hitch still has a use. You can use the hitch to transfer the bales from the pile into the yard. This is helpful during winter while bedding and feeding cattle. By using the hitch and wagon, you can easily move more than 2-3 bales at a time.

This hitch is easy and efficient to use. Contact our sales team to find out more information about the parts for this hitch. Call us at 800-522-8874 or email [email protected].

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