Rock Stopper Pro | Keep Rocks Out Of Your Harvester

Rock Stopper

Keep rocks out of your cutter and prevent expensive downtime with the Rock Stopper Pro. This special sensor stops the feed drive when rocks are detected. The Rock Stopper fits many makes and models (including pull types) as long as your machine has a working metal detector.

Why should I invest in a Rock Stopper for my chopper?

This is a great way to prevent rocks from entering your very valuable knives. We all know what happens when foreign objects enter your machine, so this is helpful when it comes to protecting your machine.

What will I receive when I purchase the Rock Stopper system?

When you purchase your rock stopper, you will receive a control module and a sensor. You will mount the sensor on the right side of the machine on the upper front feed roll and the control module will be mounted inside of the cab.

How many sensors will I get?

You will get one sensor that should be installed on the right side.

Where does the sensor get installed?

It will need to be mounted on the right side to the upper front feed roll. Depending on the amount of sensitivity you want, you can turn the sensor up or down for less or more sensitivity. Once mounted, you will run the wires up to the plug and plug it in. There are very detailed instructions included that will help walk you through all of the steps of installation.

Can I adjust the sensitivity of the rock stopper with the sensor?

Yes, this is done by either turning the sensor up or down. Up will be less sensitive and down will be more sensitive. You can also adjust the sensitivity with the control module in the cab.

Is there anything else to adjust for the Rock Stopper to work properly?

Yes, you should adjust the feed roll tension spring. The rock stopper will determine if there is a rock in the machine by the feed rolls going up and down, so if the feed roll tension is loose, it is hard to determine if a rock has entered the machine. We recommend having a good, tight feed roll tension so you can determine if something is entering your machine.

How long does it take to mount the rock stopper?

It does not take long to install the rock stopper. The most time-consuming part of this installation will be how high or low to set the sensitivity.

Is the sensor good? How does the Rock Stopper sensor know there is a rock in the machine?

The Rock Stopper is a very sophisticated sensor that will get hard-wired into your metal alert system. This will cause the chopper to think there is a piece of metal in the machine, so it will stop so you can reverse the feed rolls and get the rock out. The rock stopper control module will buzz in the cab to alert you.

Does the Rock Stopper control module have to be installed in a specific place in the cab?

No, the rock stopper can be installed anywhere in the cab.

How will I know the Rock Stopper is on and working?

When you get into the cab, turn on the rock stopper and then turn the key for the machine. Once you do this, there will be a green light that will turn on showing the rock stopper is ready to go.

How can I adjust the sensitivity of the rock stopper using the control module?

You can easily do this by turning the dial on the rock stopper control panel. The higher you turn the dial, the more sensitive the rock stopper will be when detecting rocks.

If the Rock Stopper stops a rock, how can it be reset?

The reset button for the Rock Stopper is on the control module that will be located in the cab. To reset the sensor, you just have to press the reset switch. Once this is done and the rock is removed you can continue on your way.

Does anyone else sell the Rock Stopper system?

Kooima Ag is the exclusive USA distributor for this product! To find out more, or to purchase your rock stopper, call us at 800-522-8874, email us at [email protected], or visit the product page.