Shear Bar Options from Kooima Ag®

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Kooima Ag has a wide variety of shear bars. Our different shear bar options include a straight grass bar, a straight corn bar, a high-performance bar, and a double-sine wave bar. The high-performance bar and the double-sine wave bar can be used for both grass and corn. These shear bars fit many different brands and models. Read more about each bar to find the best fit for you and your operation!

Is the grass shear bar a good bar?

The grass shear bar is a very good bar. It is coated on the cutting edge. We call this a top edge corner coat. The reason we coat the bar in this manner is to save the carbide on the bar. When rocks or foreign objects enter your machine, they chip the carbide on the bar.

If you are using a corn bar in a grass operation, it will chip off all of the carbide on the corn shear bar which will cause you to lose your edge. Typically, if the rock is small enough, it will chip the front of the bar and not damage the cutting edge of the shear bar.

Is the corn shear bar right for my operation?

The corn shear bar is also a good shear bar. We strictly keep the coating on the edges of this bar. This helps give you a wear-sharp application on the corn with this shear bar. Not a lot of foreign objects come in (though it can happen) with corn so there is not a real need to have carbide on the top of the bar.

Why should I purchase the high-performance shear bar?

The high-performance shear bar is our highest seller. This shear bar is good for when you don't want a strictly grass or corn bar. The high-performance bar will do it all. It has a corner-capped edge on both sides.

This allows you to turn the bar and use the other side once one side is worn out. There is a coating through the center of the bar so it will stay sharp. This is a very good bar.

What are the advantages of the double-sine wave shear bar?

The double-sine wave shear bar is our newest shear bar. We were able to patent this shear bar due to its unique design. This shear bar has swirly sine waves on it. There is more cutting surface to this bar.

A benefit to this bar is that when the material comes through, it gets held by the waves so the level of consistency rises. This bar also has carbide through the top and, once one side wears out, you can turn it around and use the other side.

Do I need any additional items to install with these shear bars?

Yes, we do require wear strips to be installed with the shear bars. Our wear strips have 2 colors on them. On one side it is a golden color and on the other side, it is gray. The gray side should touch the shear bar.

Can I get more information about shear bars?

Kooima Ag is always available to help with questions! Call our knowledgeable sales team at 800-522-8874 or email them at [email protected]. Watch the video below to see Nolan talk about these shear bars.