Silage Tarps: A Best-Use Guide (2021)

Silage Tarps A Best Use Guide 2021

Silage Tarps: A Best-Use Guide (2021)

At Kooima Ag, we know you have questions, and we are here to help you answer those questions. We wanted to give you a guide to better prepare you for purchasing a Silage Tarp. See how the experts at Kooima Ag can help you find the right tarp! Follow our 8-part guide to finding the best-use Silage Tarp for you.

Part 1: What should a person look for when searching for a Silage Tarp?

When looking for a Silage Tarp, you will want to check a number of things. You will want to check on the thickness, density, reinforcement, durability, and layers. These will determine the Silage Tarps you look for and buy. You will want a Silage Tarp that is reliable and maintainable for your needs!

Part 2: Are Silage Tarps hard to maintain?

No! Silage Tarps require no maintenance once they are installed or used.

Part 3: Are Silage Tarps easy to apply on a pile?

For the 5 mil standard Silage Tarps, you unroll them the length of the pile and then pull open the folded tarp across the width. So, if your tarp was 24’x100’ you would unroll the 100’ and then unfold the 24’ over the width.

For the 6 mil string tarps, you will unroll the tarp entirely across the width of the pile and then, unfold along the length of the pile – ending with the white side of the cover facing upward. The cover seams should run vertically over the pile to allow the rain to run off from the pile. So, if you had a 250’x50’ tarp, you would roll the tarp out along the 50’ width, then unfold the 250’ distance.

When covering a silage pile, it is very important to keep air and moisture from getting into the silage pile. The Silage Tarp should be weighted down by some sort of material such as tires to keep the plastic tightly secured and in direct contact with the silage mass.

Part 4: Is this brand of Silage Tarp better than other brands?

Our Silage Tarps are better due to the fact that we have different grades. These grades are the standard black and white 5 mil thick and the string reinforced 6 mil thick. Our 6 mil is a lot better than what you would pick up from a farm supply store.

Our 6 mil tarps are a combination of 10 layers, reinforced with extrusion welded laminate. The outer layers of the tarps made from flexible, high-strength, premium polyethylene resins which give our tarps an optimal performance. These tarps also contain an inner layer of EVOH barrier resin for minimal oxygen transmission. The tarps can last longer outside due to the carbon black (black side) and the UV and thermal stabilizers (white side). The 6 mil tarps have an excellent tear resistance and durability.

Part 5: Does our Silage Tarp work better in this part of the world? What applications are Kooima Ag tarps used for? What are they good for?

Silage Tarps will work anywhere in the world. Typically, Silage Tarps are used for covering animal feed, but they can be used for a variety of things. Some other examples would be a pool liner, hockey rink, greenhouse, weed barrier, etc.

Part 6: What is the lifespan of a Silage Tarp?

This depends on what the Silage Tarp is being used for. If it used for covering agricultural feed they typically feed out of it the following year, but it can be good for up to 2-3 years.

Part 7: What different tarp options does Kooima Ag offer?

We offer two options of silage tarps. They are 5 mil thick black and white and 6 mil thick black and white with string reinforcement. These both come in a variety of sizes as well ranging from 24’x100’ to 80’x1000’.

Part 8: If you have additional questions about Silage Tarps:

Give Kooima Ag a call at 800-522-8874, email us at, or browse all of our tarps here for easy online ordering! Order your Silage Tarps now from Kooima Ag, we keep a good stock of sizes on hand ready to ship out!