Smooth Roll Scraper Installation

K105996 HP Smooth Roll Scraper

Is your smooth roll scraper worn out? Well then, it’s time for a new one! Contact Kooima Ag today and let us help you get a new smooth roll scraper!

When changing the smooth roll scraper, it is always a good idea to change the bolts also. Start by removing the old bolts and scraper. It is also a good idea to thoroughly clean the surface as you work.

Once the old is removed, you can start your new bolts, so the newspaper doesn’t go past. Take the new scraper and place it in the slot, letting it rest on the smooth roll. Keep it here until the bolts are snug, then tap it up slightly with a hammer. You want it to run really close to the roll so don’t leave too much space. Snug up the middle ones first then move your way outward.

Check your smooth roll that there are no dents and such – if there are, the scraper will not clean the roll as well. Make sure your bolts are tight before you head back out to the field.

Are you curious when you need to change your smooth roll scraper? If you get a lot of buildup hanging on the smooth roll that is a good indicator to get a new one. Another indicator is if the scraper is bottomed out and is all the way to the slot, so it doesn’t go down anymore.

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