Testing Quality With Our Balancer Machine | Kooima Ag

Balancer Machine

At Kooima Ag, we take quality seriously. Throughout our production process, we check the parts multiple times during each step. For the parts in your machine that rotate, we have a balancer machine to check that they are balanced so there are no issues when the part is installed. Watch Nick, the engineering manager at Kooima Ag, as he describes how we check the quality of our parts that rotate and the balancer machine.

Part of Nick’s job is to ensure the quality of our parts. For parts that rotate, like knife drums and accelerators, one major part of quality is to ensure they are balanced well before they leave our facility. We do this so the parts don't vibrate once installed and will perform well for you, the customer.

Every rotor and accelerator we produce is loaded onto our balancing machine and balanced to ensure that it doesn't vibrate. We add weights to each end to make sure that it is balanced all the way across its width. This balancing machine works similarly to a tire machine that you might have in your local Co-op, except it handles more weight and balances to a much finer resolution. For example, this weldment weighs 600 pounds and is balanced down to 20 grams. That is equivalent to .007% of its total weight, balancing it to a very fine degree.

Each rotor and accelerator are numbered, so we keep balance records on every weldment we produce. This number is stamped on the end of the weldment and is different on each one. These numbers help us keep detailed records on every weldment we balance in case there's an issue later in the field.

We know how important it is for you to stay in the field. That's why we work hard on the quality of our parts, so they work well for you the first time to keep you running.